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Tribute To Mom


Like the sunshine to dispel the night or the timely passage of breeze

Mom’s are always there to put her children at ease.

She is never too busy, too weary, or too occupied

To come to the rescue or offer words to guide.

She is up very early and at times very late

But her children can be assured, that it is to benefit their fate.

Sacrifices can’t be too much, prayers she often raise

Protection and her children’s best interest is the duty she willingly takes.


Words are often limited to describe or account her love

But there is one thing certain they are blessings from above.

So Mom you are very special, and for you I’ll always care

and in this heart of mine there is a place where you and I share.

                                    Love U Mom



Inspired By The Community

Thanks to the crew at, I’m really enjoying my blogging experience. I’m learning bit by bit, meeting other Bloggers, and getting ideas from other Blog Sites. Saturday’s assignment was to write a post building on a comment on a blog that sparked my interest, then link to the blog. Simple isn’t it? I think so, commendations as well for making the assignments simple, even placing how its done steps and videos, so I appreciate that.

I came across this blog that was exclusively dedicated to introverts. That’s like the group considered as “out cast”? Today’s world, in my opinion, does not cater much for people who are “different”, more often its for the popular or those not “different’. I found this site to be really cool. I thought that’s what friendship is about; feeling belonged, because “no man is an island” no one thrives when isolated from others. The site explained who an introvert is, there are challenges and quizzes for its followers, there is even a test on the site for those unsure what their personality trait is. I was definitely lead to take the test and I received a whole new insight on this kind of personality.

The name of the blog is, the post I was reading was entitled: “success, failure and the drive to keep creating”. The post was also an inspiring one, I thought it was ideal for us bloggers. Give it a view, hope you like it, or maybe it will inspire you to create something beneficial to others like yourself.


Fathers what’s up with your teenage daughter

Dad n Daughter 2

Maurice Chevalier a French singer and entertainer also actor recorded a very popular song “Thank heaven for little girls” in 1958 which talks about (as the title suggest) little girls being a blessing from heaven. That is so true they’re cute and adorable dressed up in their pretty little dresses or whatever other outfit. Those little eyes so helpless and appealing (a verse in the song) makes you agree without question, then! The following verse which says ‘one day will flash and send you crashing through the ceiling’ you say yup, amen (husbands and boyfriends will definitely agree with this line)

But I want you–all the dads in particular to zoom in onto their teenage daughters. “Hands up all dads that have hell with their teenage daughters.” This “hell” is further complicated when you’re a step dad: you get attitude, wise cracks and sometimes back talk. I’m sure you’ll agree with me though that in the midst of these peeves there are the positives. Example: high grades, obedience (they do what you say even though they don’t want to) mannerable etc. Think about it though, these teenagers have issues too; sometimes very serious issues and we all know the men are from Mars and women are from Venus theory. Or maybe you’re now being paid for all the stuff you did as a teenager.  When I was a teenager I hated my parents and did some real uncool stuff when I think back. But back to the teenagers, they really have issues; school. School today is far different from years ago; more subjects, shorter time to learn them, other class or schoolmates with problems the list goes on and on. As a man you must realize that you may not be the issue, it may just be a reaction that you happen to receive just when they are about to let it all out. We must also realize that they (the teenagers) may not know how to handle the issues too.


Father daughter 3

So what do we need to do? Support our daughters, nurture them (when they give you the chance to) love them and their mothers unconditionally and be a positive role model in their lives. After all; as another line in the song says ‘for little girls get bigger everyday! They grow up in the most delightful way! At the end of it all we want to see our daughters successful and independent, no tek up no ole streggeh (Jamaicans will understand) and we want to remember the delightful things about their growing up days.

Father daughter 4


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