Fifty Challenge: She Breathe Her last breath

Covered with flees and weak, she laid on her death bed. Now memories were her playful greetings, noticeably excited tail wagging and cute attempt at barking. though a pup she surely thought of growing up, raising children and become a faithful servant. That was taken by her own master’s mistreatment.


Lets Do This Gunners!


Another weekend of English Premier League football is here again, yea!  At the moment though, it is one that we Arsenal fans anticipate with considerable and justified fear. We go to Goodison Park to contest an in-form Everton team who we would rather not be playing at this time. Everton has won the last four (4) league games scoring eleven (11) goals while Arsenal has only won one (1) drawn two (2) and embarrassingly losing one (1). History has been on our side though; we have always had a good result against them; trashing them seven (7) goals to nil and lately won four (4) to one (1). That said and done and despite the feeling, this is the match we need to prepare for, it should be a good contest.

We have come through a run of turbulent fixtures; fixtures that the critics had prophesied would derail our championship ambitions (remember the hullabaloo about February and March fixtures). Regrettably they are now saying “I told you so”. The tables have certainly turned. Once we were the envy of all; sitting on the lofty heights of the premier league table, now we seem to squabble for the spoils of fourth place; the last champion’s league spot (where one would have to qualify to be in). We can still save our season by winning the FA cup. This is a trophy that is within our grasps if the right team plays on the day and we play to our abilities. Then the curse of a trophy drought will be all over, yea!

Looking back at our season though, our performances does not deserve this bitter sweet ending. We have played some gutsy and entertaining football. The league this year has been the toughest yet and we’ve beaten some tough opponents (West Ham, Newcastle  to name a few) even at times when we were not at our best performance; our defensive and scoring record speaks to it. Our mistakes this season has been: not wining when it mattered most (Everton, Southampton Swansea even Chelsea).  We can argue all day: Wenger didn’t buy this and Wenger didn’t buy that, injuries to this player and injuries to that player, but it boils down to who is present; who are the players that need to step up and play the part they came for.


These are the same players that harboured winning intentions in the good times, they need to dig deep and revive that confidence that winners are made of. We have players with the skill, technicality and creative ability to fight and save our season. Fans it does not help when we discredit the team it encourages when we support them; cheer them on; give them the boost.  Six games are remaining, six games to fight, six winnable matches that can cause something to happen if other teams drop points. So come on you gunners, let’s make this happen.

Kartel or Adidja Palmer, Who was on trial?


The iconic dancehall figure Vybz Kartel also known as Adidja Palmer will learn of his fate in the Supreme Court downtown Kingston today. Last week’s sentencing was postponed after Justice Lennox Campbell and the lawyers agreed that certain guidelines regarding sentencing were not yet ironed out: this according to a Jamaica Observer report.

There are mixed views as to whether the self acclaimed world boss’ verdict was deserved, and there may be information as was exposed in the trial to support it. Regardless of the views however the Jamaican court system (which was also on trial) gave a guilty verdict. Therefore the world in hours or less will hear what his, along with the guilty co accused punishment shall be.


While the world may be acquainted with Kybz Kartel very little is known of Mr. Adidja Palmer. This was the person at one point introduced to the court as a family man: a husband and father, the sole bread winner of his household and also seemingly a decent law abiding citizen (Ironically, it is said that he does not expose his children to his music). It appeared to be a ploy by his lawyers to shift the attention from the controversial dancehall personality so that it may not be the basis of judgment. This is also the view portrayed by some in sympathy against his verdict.

The argument though poses some questions: can we segregate the two? Is Mr. Palmer a separate individual from Vybz Kartel? Is he (Mr. Palmer) the innocent victim in this entire saga? If the answers to the above questions are no, then this argument is futile. Surely he (Kartel or Mr. Palmer) would not have been known except for the exploits on stage and in the media. So while he and his lawyers may reason that the image: Vybz Kartel, is the business; which is the entity providing a product or service in exchange for money, he is also the individual who resides in Jamaica, raise a family and conducts business. Note also he has a case to answer about perverting the course of justice relating to this same trial.


Fathers what’s up with your teenage daughter

Dad n Daughter 2

Maurice Chevalier a French singer and entertainer also actor recorded a very popular song “Thank heaven for little girls” in 1958 which talks about (as the title suggest) little girls being a blessing from heaven. That is so true they’re cute and adorable dressed up in their pretty little dresses or whatever other outfit. Those little eyes so helpless and appealing (a verse in the song) makes you agree without question, then! The following verse which says ‘one day will flash and send you crashing through the ceiling’ you say yup, amen (husbands and boyfriends will definitely agree with this line)

But I want you–all the dads in particular to zoom in onto their teenage daughters. “Hands up all dads that have hell with their teenage daughters.” This “hell” is further complicated when you’re a step dad: you get attitude, wise cracks and sometimes back talk. I’m sure you’ll agree with me though that in the midst of these peeves there are the positives. Example: high grades, obedience (they do what you say even though they don’t want to) mannerable etc. Think about it though, these teenagers have issues too; sometimes very serious issues and we all know the men are from Mars and women are from Venus theory. Or maybe you’re now being paid for all the stuff you did as a teenager.  When I was a teenager I hated my parents and did some real uncool stuff when I think back. But back to the teenagers, they really have issues; school. School today is far different from years ago; more subjects, shorter time to learn them, other class or schoolmates with problems the list goes on and on. As a man you must realize that you may not be the issue, it may just be a reaction that you happen to receive just when they are about to let it all out. We must also realize that they (the teenagers) may not know how to handle the issues too.


Father daughter 3

So what do we need to do? Support our daughters, nurture them (when they give you the chance to) love them and their mothers unconditionally and be a positive role model in their lives. After all; as another line in the song says ‘for little girls get bigger everyday! They grow up in the most delightful way! At the end of it all we want to see our daughters successful and independent, no tek up no ole streggeh (Jamaicans will understand) and we want to remember the delightful things about their growing up days.

Father daughter 4


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